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Hrad Skály (Rock Castle) – Bischofstein

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Teplice nad Metují

The ruins of Skály Castle, also known as Bischofstein, are located in the southwestern part of the sandstone plateau above the village of Skály in the Hradec Králove region.

At the highest point stood the castle with palace, whose core was a massive rock tower. A stairway leads to the top for a magnificent view. At the foot of the rock is a barrel vaulted cellar and the remains of the well, then in the fortified settlement rooms carved into the rocks and traces of beam structures. The castle ruins are freely accessible.

The castle was built in the late 14th century by Matěj Salava of Lípa, who later became a Hussite captain and an ally of the orebits. His son, however, conducted raids from here to Silesia and Lusatia, which is why the Silesians bought it and together with other castles demolished it in 1447. It was the only one to be later restored. In 1513, the Silesians tried to conquer the castle, but soon after it ceased to be inhabited. After the Battle of White Mountain, the evangelicals secretly met in the derelict castle grounds with the Czech brethren led by Bishop Matouš Ulický.