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Jirásek Rocks

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Teplice nad Metují

The Jirásek rock formations are part of the Adršpach – Teplice Rocks and lie near Teplice nad Metují. The rocks gained their name from the settlement and the ruins of the Skály Castle, where Alois Jirásek set the plot of his novel of the same name.

You can reach the Jirásek Rocks – on Bišík – by foot from the Teplice Rocks or even from Adršpach. Following the steep switchbacks you can drive or bike along the narrow road to Bišík from Teplice nad Metují.

The Jirásek Rocks are broken into two groups of rock formations, which are separated from each other by the road, and a small Baroque castle. The first group of rocks is above the Black Lake (Černé jezírko) near the former medieval Skály Castle (Bischofstein).

The castle was built in the late 14th century, and today there are visible remains of walls, the remains of the castle gate and stairs carved into the rock. On top of the rock lookout, from which there is a beautiful view of the mesa of Ostaš, Police nad Metují, Góry Stolowe in Poland and the Orlické Mountains.

Another rock group is around the peak of the Čáp (Stork) hilltop (785 m), which is the highest point of this area. From this point the view of the landscape is partly restricted by the towering treetops.

Marked hiking trails lead from Bišík to the Teplice Rocks, where you can continue to Adršpach. On the other side, it is possible to go towards Ostaš and Hvězda. Biking enthusiasts can take a tour around the whole Adršpach – Teplice Rocks. Bike trail no. 4036 passes through here as does the newly opened Jirásek Rocks nature trail.