Kladské pomezí

Jaroměř and surroundings

Jaroměř, a dowry town of Czech Queens, also called a town of gardens and parks, is a historical settlement at the confluence of three rivers - Labe, Úpa and Metuje. The town centre is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicolas. Other points of interest in Jaroměř include the Railway Museum and Wenke’s department store (today it seats a museum and gallery).
Josefov Fortress Town (today a district of Jaroměř) was built in the 18th century according to plans of French military architects, and it is a supreme work of European urbanism and fortification art. Its underground passages are the greatest tourist attraction.
Kuks – a Baroque spa and hospital complex with the Church of the Holy Trinity; Smiřice – a chateau Church of the Epiphany; the Velichovky spa.