Kladské pomezí

Úpice and surroundings

The town of Úpice is situated on the banks of the Úpa River, in the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, and it is a centre of the Jestřebí Mountains region. Úpice offers a wide selection of cultural and sporting activities. In the Town Museum, you can see an exhibition summarising a 17-year presence of MUDr. Antonín Čapek’s family or the work of the painter Julie Winterová-Mezerová. Dřevěnka is another point of interest – the oldest building in Úpice from the 16th century. Events organised by the Úpice’s planetarium are also very attractive, offering observations of the Sun and night sky. Úpice is ideally located for trips to the Jestřebí Mountains, and offers a number of accommodation facilities for tourists.
Jestřebí Mountains – educational trails around mining monuments, tourism possibilities (hiking, bicycling and cross-country skiing trails), a view-tower at Žaltman; ruins of the Vízmburk Castle.