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Markoušovice Ridge Lookout Tower

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Malé Svatoňovice

The lookout tower stands on the highest place in the Markoušovice ridge in the Jestřebí Mountains at an altitude of 708 m above sea level about 2 km north of the village of Markoušovice.

The lookout tower was completed in 2014 and is 23 m high. The height of the viewing platform is 18 m. The tower offers views of the Krkonoše Mountains, Rýchory, the Adršpach – Teplice Rocks, the Stolové Mountains, Vraní Mountains, Orlické Mountains and Českoskalicko. The lookout tower is open all year round.

Not far from the tower is the "Na Pahorku" Czechoslovak fortified T-S 44 infantry bunker. The green trail along the ridge towards Malé Svatoňovice will take you to the Žaltman lookout tower on the highest peak of the Jestřebí Mountains. Along the way, you can encounter a variety of fortifications as well as the Jestřebí hikers' chalet, which is run by the Úpice Czech Hikers Club.