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Žernov lookout tower

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Česká Skalice
The tower stands in the village of Žernov, at an altitude of 375 m above sea level.

The total height of the tower is 24 m, the viewing platform is located at a height of 18 m and the tower has 92 steps. From the tower the Grandmother’s Valley, Českoskalicko, Rozkoš, Jestřebí Mountains, Krkonoše Mountains, Podzvičinsko, Zvičinu, Červenokostelecko, Stolové Mountains, Orlické Mountains, Kuněticka hora and Hradecko can be seen. The lookout tower was opened on 30 November 2014, and more than eight tons of steel and 30 cubic metres of wood were used for its construction. The lookout tower is open all year round.